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Revive your inner glow and your confidence by boosting your own style 

What is your relationship with your wardrobe? Does it reflect your values and the person you want to be? Is it easy or difficult to get dressed? Is your wardrobe able to inspire you? MyVestiaire will help you transform and renew your wardrobe so that you will no longer ask in frustration : "how come I have nothing to wear ? "

The harmony between what one communicates with the way they are dressed and one's inner life is a factor of personal fulfillment, self-knowledge and empowerment.

How to get there?

1. Look at yourself and get to know what suits your figure, what colors illuminate your face, what make you feel comfortable, sexy, joyful, empowered ...

2. Have a clear vision of what inspires you and why you love certain clothes. You can learn to build connection from your inner world to what you choose to wear in any situation.

3. Fashion detox! Stop storing clothes that you are not wearing and get them out of your closet !

4. Get your wardrobe organized, save space and finally see your clothes.

5. Be mindful and conscious of your inspiration and purchase sustainably : finally boost your ability to compose new outfits with old and new clothes, exploring all the facets of your style, coherent with your personality 

6. Get to know how to take care of your clothes to keep them longer


Co-Founder, CEO & Image consultant at myvestiaire


Clothes can tell a million stories ! I love how wearing "the right outfit" can give a boost of confidence and empower in any situation.

During my 10 rich and fulfilling years telling stories of sellers and buyers at PayPal within payments, I turned towards colors and textiles. I followed the same passions to see and experience how colors and clothes are holding deep and meaningful messages of our lives and our values. I completed a degree to become certified image consultant and I initiated MyVestiaire, platform for people to dress better, feel better and live better in their relationship with their clothes and their personal style. With Riikka, my co-founder, we hope you will find this place inspiring and empowering as we aim to provide you with practical tools and useful content that help you bring joy and inspiration to your daily lives.


I am convinced that everyone of us can have a glowing personal style, unique to one-self. If you allow yourself to discover, go deeper in the values you wish to reflect, and way you want to live your style, it can be a life-changing journey!

We hope you enjoy!


Co-Founder, COO & Coach bien-être de MyVestiaire

I find that we often let external factors determine our choices and also the way we present ourselves. The current (fast) fashion industry keeps telling us that we are never enough and it creates frustration and disconnects us from our deeper personal values. at MYVESTIAIRE we combine two values that are extremely dear to me : clothes and the connections and beauty they create and our personal well-being and development.

With MYVESTIAIRE tools and programs we have a chance to take a step back and look into our wardrobes. How can I build a wardrobe that inspire and empower me? How do I want to consume today? How do I make my clothes to last?

In our blog we also bring you stories from various inspirational and relatable individuals who let you in to their most personal, intimite wardrobes. As mother of 3 young children and juggling multiple roles in my life (as many of you, I am sure!) sharing our struggles, learnings, lows and highs, brings a lot of joy and interesting insights! Welcome onboard!


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