Your palette is WINTER

The colors of winter are contrasting, intense, fresh and with the blue they contain they reveal the lunar radiance of your complexion.


The colors you wear should help you glow: colors in your palette create harmony with your natural colors. They reveal the radiance of your complexion and your smile, they make your hair shine and sparkle your eyes!


We all have our red, our blue, our pink, our green etc. The palette opposite will help you to identify yours because it is the intensity and the tone that count to enhance you.


You will find examples of WINTER women here .



la palette hiver.png

Colorimetrie hiver

How to use your palette?

MyVestiaire invites you to move from theory to practice by following the steps below.

We have designed a 3-part program to help you use your palette, sharpen your eye, sort your clothes, compose outfits that highlight you and go hunting for your colors! The palette is an indication to help you better understand what colors illuminate you, but above all have fun and enjoy the colors, it is the very essence of your look!




Identify your natural colors and the effect of the colors of your palette on your radiance




Play with the colors from your palette, look for them in the street, in the nature, on a trip or in a store and above all have fun !

You can take inspiration from our WINTER selection on Pinterest.


Play with colors, make your own color combinations and give 1000 lives to your clothes


Take part in our challenge #1000vies

Read the advice of the women who inspire us