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The connection between your true values, what you wear and how you consume clothes can have a big impact on your overall well-being. Finding your personal style can be challenging  so we have created MyVestiaire to guide you!


MyVestiaire will help you transform and renew your wardrobe so that you will no longer ask in frustration “how come I have nothing to wear?”

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We want you to revive your inner glow and to be confident in your own style 


Co-Founder, CEO &

image consultant at MyVestiaire


I love the way clothes can tell a million stories ! I love how wearing "the right outfit" can give boost of  confidence and empower in any demanding situation.


There are no tight rules to elegance  : we are all capable to work on our inner values and self-acceptance to make sure that our inner world is reflected outside. We all have our stories to tell and the journey to boldly embrace them can be very rewarding! 

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« L’élégance c’est pousser jusqu’au bout l’art d’être soi-même »

Jacques Griffe